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temple tales

Call me the Queen of Hibernation. I know y'all don't want to hear this, but if someone announced Lockdown numero 546 tomorrow, I'd be like "OK then ..."

I've been loving spending time in my new place and to be fair also in the area I live in.

Living close to the water makes such a difference to me. It may not be the Atlantic but it still brings a certain kind of energy with it. And yes - we have seen how much impact it can have this week, but I am all for looking at us humans rather than at the water when it comes to the damage caused. But that's another story.

One thing I have recently been completely obsessed with are the Vlogs by Sueddu - a silent blogger from Korea, whose videos I find so soothing and inspiring. I literally crawl into bed in the evening to watch them. There is so much attention to detail and to the daily normalities - it absolutely hits the spot for me, living in a new space and observing how I actually use it or want to use it.

Anyway - it also inspired me to film again and pick some of that inspiration up. I am not a morning person, so it makes complete sense to me to capture morning scenes silently and work with subtitles. The same goes when filming or taking self portraits outside. I only ever do this in places where nobody is around. I guess that's why it feels more authentic without a voiceover.

I have to say that the Vlog very much reflects the mood of the week. A week that was gloomy and rainy to start off with and then those terrible floods happened and people lost their lives and belongings - literally only around the corner from where I live.

I kind of had to put things aside for a while, because it didn't feel right to talk about my decorating decisions, whilst other people had just lost everything. It also left me in a very subdued mood all week, which I wanted to capture authentically.

But nevertheless I also have things to say and to moan about as you have seen in the last Vlog, so a mix of both feels the most true to myself. I have a lot to say about an appointment with a therapists in this one and end up sharing quite a bit of my mental health history.

I thought of "Temple Tales" as a title for any videos or images related to my new home - it seems very fitting for several reasons, so I will keep using it for these kind of Vlogs.

Next to inspiring my filming and getting me hooked on Iced Oat Milk Latte, the Asian minimalist aesthetic in Sueddus' videos also got me very inspired to spend a small fortune at the Muji store. I have loved Muji for years and years - so much that it was a running joke amongst my friends for a while that my first stop in Berlin - before seeing any of them - would always be the Muji store at Hackescher Markt. Now I live in walking distance to one of their stores again, which is very, very dangerous.

After last weeks' blog post about the noisy movers I also have to state the fact that this weekend there has been absolute silence, as the flat above and below mine are both empty (to be occupied again soon). The frequency of life.

However, the general mood out there with all these catastrophes happening feels very edgy and apprehensive to me, but I am also picking up a lot of grumpy vibes from people, which throw me off even more. And I guess that appointment with a therapist treating me like I didn't do my homework properly just got me to withdraw and hibernate in the safe space that is my temple.

I still don't know, if I am going back there.



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