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Antwerp Edits

Antwerp has been on my list for a while.

In fact - I remember seeing content from Jaime Hayon when he was visiting and him raving about how nice and mini - Copenhagen-ish it was.

Scouting AirBnB for nice apartments in places I'd like to visit is one of my favourite pastimes and when I found this little gem, I thought "Why not see what they have available on short notice?". After all Antwerp is only a 2,5hr drive away from Cologne.

My most important search criteria is obviously Elfie and I double checked with the owner, if she was ok for her to stay in the apartment. We have built up a nice repertoire of references on AirBnB confirming her best behaviour, so it was no problem to bring her.

I was only able to stay for two nights due to other commitments in Cologne, but I figured it would be a good opportunity to dip my toes into this city.

I captured the trip in a new Vlog.

Here are the things I have seen and can recommend.


MAS (Museum aan de Strom)

The MAS is a great starting point to get a good view over the city. Visiting the panorama terrace is free and takes you through the whole building via escalators in a way that you are able to see each direction.

The headquarters of the Port Authority of Port of Antwerp-Bruges is housed in this iconic building designed by Zaha Hadid. It opened in 2016, which was also the year of her passing. The building itself is super impressive as it repurposed and extends an old fire station. The area around the building is quite remote and I recommend going there by bike or by tram.


I wasn't necessarily traveling on a budget, but because I had Elfie with me I did have dinner at the apartment both nights, meaning just your ordinary supermarket shop.

However during the day I stopped at the following places:

When I ventured out on the first afternoon, most of the coffee shops had already closed, so I stopped here for an iced coffee and a pastry, which was really good. The rest of their menu also looks amazing.

This is a very non-fuzz Coffee Shop that was recommended by the locals. Great coffee and great people watching.

On my second day I stopped at this little place on the search for good fries (when in Belgium...). It is actually a Dutch company with a few selected spots across The Netherlands and Belgium. Loved it for the interior and attention to detail. (And the fries of course!!)

Right opposite of the place was forming another queue in front of what turned out to be one of the most popular bakeries of Antwerp. I did not join the queue, but the reviews sound amazing.

Other places recommended by the host which I had saved on Google are:



If you stay with Karolien you will have access to a good guidebook with more suggestions.


I did not stop at many shops this time, but Antwerp is full of little boutiques and stores. I did pop into this one, which had a really nice selection of fashion and interior brands. I didn't end up purchasing anything though.

This was definitely not my last time in Antwerp, it feels like there is much more to see and explore.



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