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I am Mella.


Welcome to my corner of the digital world!


I have a diverse professional resume, which includes roles in Marketing, PR, Advertising, Internal Communications and Software. These have given me the opportunity to experience the ever-evolving communications industry from numerous angles.

My skills range from crafting effective marketing campaigns, to shaping public perception by means of PR and successfully navigating projects in the creative realm of advertising. My journey has taken me from the structured environments of in-house positions to the fast-paced world of communication agencies at an international level.

Over the past five years, I have also had the opportunity to work in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.


The common thread of communication ran through all these different stages.

However, to me communication is not just a professional endeavor; but also a personal passion. I'm captivated by the idea of connecting people through traditional means as well as through the dynamic world of social media and content creation.

Other personal passions of mine include photography, videography, yoga and barre and a deep love for the Portuguese country and culture.

I am here to help you tell inspiring stories that resonate with diverse audiences and to craft narratives that inspire, inform, and engage and I look forward to going on that journey together.


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