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I could never own too much swimwear. That's a fact.

Australian swimwear? Even better!

If there is one thing Australians know it is how to look stylish on the beach and on a surfboard.

And no, I don't surf (yet) and normally I am the one sitting on the shore admiring everyone, but who says I don't need to look good doing THAT?

So when bask AUSTRALIA offered to send me some of the pieces of their new collection I did not hesitate for a second. I started picturing myself in the different styles on my favourite Portuguese beaches and even drew up mood boards for them.

As with so many things in life the anticipation of the trip was almost better than the actual vacation and got me back into sketching again, which I literally had not done since school.

Once I arrived in Portugal I did have to readjust, as some of the dirt roads to my favourite spots were so bad that I could not reach them (the joy of visiting in high tourist season)

However, I did manage to bring some of my sketches to life and was absolutely amazed by the quality and fit of the pieces. So here is a short review of the styles I wore:

the aline one piece

I absolutely love this one and may actually have to crown it my favourite piece. The cut is super flattering and elegant and at the same time modern and sporty. This will definitely remain one of my go tos. It also looks great as a top, just throwing on shorts or a skirt when going to the beach.

the iluka halter top

When thinking about the best location to shoot this in I knew it had to be my favourite river bed, which has beautiful heather dotted around it that changes colours with the season. The fit of the top is perfectly supportive and has a nice bow detail at the back.

It comes with matching pants in different styles, but also goes well with any black pieces you may have already in your wardrobe. I wore it either with the matching Iluka Retro Pant or the High Pant in black. I am pretty sure the pattern and colour would also look nice when paired with brown pieces. This is actually another big selling point for me when it comes to swimwear: the possibility to mix and match it with other styles.

the plunge one piece

The Plunge one piece definitely belongs into a cocktail bar at the beach*. It is such an eye catcher. I had deliberately chosen the black one, but it is also available in the Eden Green design, which - stating the obvious here - only needs a green sarong to make you feel like you're in a JLo video. Absolutely stunning.

(*The introvert in me didn't feel like shooting this in a cocktail bar, so I chose a deserted swimming pool side instead).

the twist bandeau top

Everyone needs a classic black bandeau top in their swimwear drawer. Just as the other pieces this one does not disappoint in terms of support and fit and can be worn with or without straps. I personally love to wear it with a High Pant for that 60's inspired look. Next to Black the top is also available in a beautiful Jade colour.

the zipper sun top

Admittedly this one did not get the "air time" it deserved on this trip, even though I was literally wearing it all the time in between shots. It was not only great for protection against the August sun but also the strong and partly chilly winds on the coast. The material is super light and took my whole obsession with sun protection to another level.

bask australia

bask AUSTRALIA is a new sustainable and ethically sourced swimwear brand that has just launched worldwide. Based in dreamy Byron Bay the brand empowers women to celebrate and embrace their unique beauty. I have yet to make it onto a surf board but all the pieces have such a flattering and well designed cut that I have no doubt I'd feel supported with every move.

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