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Matcha Match

When I moved into this flat in 2021 I didn't think it would take me over two years to decide on a colour for the living room wall.

What I DID know already, is that I wanted to try out the Nendo clay paints.

I had previously used the Bauwerk lime paint in the bedroom and really loved the textured effect. I was really intrigued about how the finish of a clay paint would differ from that.

In the images on the IG account always looked so effortless and natural, especially when the sunlight hit it.

I had been following them for ages and had already ordered all the colour swatches. I was even close to hitting "place order" for their "cedar wood" shade numerous times, but I always chickened out, because I worried that I would grow tired of looking at a terracotta wall all day.

I then put it all off again last year, because I was going to sublet my flat over the winter and I didn't see the point to do it before then. So 2023 had to to be the year to paint and when I learned about my redundancy I knew that I had to at least purchase the paint whilst I was still earning a salary. Otherwise I would keep finding excuses for not spending the money.

I started researching their colours again and was now more inclined towards the beige and linen tones. Until I came across an image of the Matcha Garden shade.

And all of the sudden I could see it - this was the shade and it needed to be on the shorter wall, so that you weren't "hit with it" as soon as you entered the room. I finally made the purchase without looking back.

It was of no surprise (to me) that I was procrastinating from actually applying it for another two months. But hey - we're here. It's done -

and here is my verdict

The clay paints are a lot more intense to apply and you need to work quite fast. There is no dripping (good!) as the ideal consistency of the liquid is quite thick compared to traditional paints - but that also makes you work your arms a lot more!

Similar to the lime paint you need to totally trust the process as you'll only see the finished pattern and shade once it has dried. However - the end result is super satisfying!

Here are some images of the process and I also recorded it in a Vlog on YouTube.

I did decide on Bauwerk's "Raw White" for the main wall in the end. I am planning to purchase a projector and make this into my home cinema wall. Again - I love the easy appliance and the finish of the Bauwerk paints and would totally recommend them to anyone who wants to try out a textured effect. Even a subtle white shade adds more depth and softness to the room.

why nendo

  • Produced locally in Germany (Hamburg)

  • No chemicals involved (Elfie-friendly!)

  • Spillage can be easily cleaned off with water, so there are no permanent stains if you mess up

fun fact

I used my kitchen mixer to prepare the paint. I figured there is no need for "professional" equipment for one paint job.


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