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My daily escape back to Portugal

One of my favourite rituals at the moment is my morning and evening cleansing routine. I am usually quite big on this (not to call it obsessed), but it is even more of a special treat at the moment as I am using the products of Naturaleza, a little family business from the mountains of the Algarve.

I first discovered their creams at the local farmers market in Aljezur and always made a point of bringing back some of their products. They have made it on my regular lists of things to bring back home. So - I was panicking slightly when I didn't find them at the market during my last visit and learned that, due to COVID restrictions, Naturaleza weren't able to sell there anymore. But then again - when you're in Aljezur, you talk to a few people, ask your way around until someone sends you the mobile number of Daphna, the owner. (The easy way would be to drop them an email at the address listed on their website)

So I went ahead and ordered my usual set of creams and lip balms to then meet Daphna and her son at the local petrol station to hand over the goods that feed my addiction. This is what I really love about Aljezur - the local trade feels so much more local, with people meeting you in the village to deliver your stuff, have a quick chat and tell you about anything else that might be going on.

A few days later Daphna texted me that they were holding an Open Day at their workshop the coming weekend. At that point I had already calculated in my head how many more liquids I would be able to fit into my suitcase, so I gladly accepted.

The workshop is situated on the way to Monchique right in the mountains, with a beautiful landscape to look at during the drive. On the day I drove up there it had been raining solid for a few days, so the dirt roads had literally become a slippery slope. True to style I managed to get stuck in a giant puddle with my tiny white rental car and had already resigned myself to having to walk approximately two hours to the next house and knock on some strangers door, when two guys on Enduro machines appeared out of the blue - shaking their heads in disbelief when they saw me.

So - after they had pushed me and my little Fiat out of the puddle I just waved (I couldn't stop - I would have gotten stuck again!) and drove off to get my cremes.

A true "Bridget Jones moment" if you ask me.

Once I finally arrived at my destination, I met Daphna and Arturo at their workshop and helped to actually distill some of the cleansing water that I later bought, whilst chatting to some of the other locals that were there.

So - no it's not just a cream a slap on my face every morning and night, but hard labour that smells amazing and makes me smile at the thought of seeing those two Enduro riders through my windscreen pushing me out of that puddle.


Products I bought and love:

  • Crème Hidratante (Moisturizing Cream)

  • Crème Facial Suavizante (Softening Facial Cream)

  • Pomada Magica (Magic Balm for cuts, burns, bug bites & more)

  • Protector Solar (Sunscreen)

  • Aqua-Flor de Alecrim (Cleansing Water)

  • Rosemary, nettle, honey & lemon shampoo

  • Calendula soap

  • Gentle Soap and

  • Propolis, which is soaked in beetroot alcohol at a 1:5 ratio, has great antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system. I take a few drops of it every morning and as it tastes quite bitter I usually wash it down with my shake or just a glass of water.


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