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berlin insights

Two weeks ago I went to Berlin, as I had signed up for a coaching in Public Speaking for work. I ended up finding more than just that.

I never expected it to take such a therapeutic and eye opening approach as to how my self awareness can dim my ability to just be myself in front of an audience. As I keep playing around with these Vlogs, it will hopefully give me some more opportunities to put it all into practice.

I have always loved Berlin and it had been almost a year since I have last been there. I came back truly inspired and energised, having also had the chance to stay with close friends and spending time with them in our beautiful capital. Long walks and conversations, the mix of city life and nature - it all just made it one to remember.

Even though I don't like to mix my day time job and The Mella Edit too much, I still feel like this has a place on here. My learnings during those couple of days can definitely be applied to more than just Public Speaking - and especially to some of the topics covered on here.


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