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Mella in paris

I finally made it back to Paris after over 10 years!

Whilst living in London, trips to Paris would be on my agenda pretty much every year. The Eurostar made it so convenient traveling by train right from the centre of London (from Waterloo station back then) to the centre of Paris.

Ever since I moved back to Germany I have not been back, mainly because I was never close to an airport with direct flights to Paris.

So - when I discovered that there was a train from Cologne to Paris, which took pretty much the same time (3 hrs), I looked into prices pretty swiftly.

I was really lucky to pick one of the very summary August weekends and had the best time visiting old and familiar places, as well as spots that I had never been to and always wanted to see.

I used to be obsessed with Amélie Poulain's life when the movie came out in 2001 and still kinda love it, even though it is so cliché. As I was staying in Montmartre a lot of the filming locations were quite close, so I went on a little stroll past them. (I can also confirm that I am not the only one who still does that ...)

I also ate my heart out on éclairs, croissants and pain au chocolat like a proper tourist and went to the antiques market in Clignancourt for old times sake.

The best thing about the trip was the tiny apartment I found on AirBnb, which was one of these typical Parisian Chambres de Bonne (maids rooms) turned apartments. It was situated a stone's throw from Sacré-Cœur and had the most amazing view over the Paris rooftops.

I obviously had to get the camera out ...

I also captured the weekend in a vlog.

Merci Paris! I won't leave it this long again!



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