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How Your Emails Find Me (as a Human Design Projector)

A woman in her pyjamas and face cream dotted on her face
Skincare in my pyjamas sets me up for the day

I’m not a morning person. I was born at 2 am - how could I be?

I love working in my pyjamas, and you may take this as proof that my brain needs a lot of time to get into gear in the morning… 🧠

Well, don’t be fooled.

That time is usually the most productive time of my day. Usually, I get a lot more done in those first two hours as a Pyjama Queen than I do during the rest of the day.

It has taken me 43 spins around the sun to realise that this is totally okay and doesn’t make me weird or lazy. Being born at 2:23 am on the 3rd of December 1980 in Lichtenstein, Sachsen, makes me a Projector with a 6/2 profile in Human Design terms .

My Human Design Chart states that I am a "wise influencer and a reclusive natural talent". It makes it my task to learn to direct my energy and optimise processes and workflows in a way that makes them more sustainable, more efficient, and more effective. 🌱

If that means my energy is best in my pyjamas, I’ll take it.

Human Design has helped me immensely to recognise my own energy levels throughout the day and use them accordingly instead of forcing myself into the 9-5 mould. It has helped me understand that phases of rest are important for the next sprint. For that next surge of energy that may have me focused on a task with high impact and would otherwise leave me exhausted. ✍🏼

At least on Mondays and Fridays, I work according to my HD Profile, which means I don’t schedule calls or meetings, but just go with the flow. 

Have you tried Human Design?

Do you work according to your profile?

Ok, time to get dressed...

A woman sitting in bed, starring out of the window. A fireplace with a burning
Not a morning person. Ever.


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