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eye spy

I've been a big fan of Violette_fr's Instagram account for a while and loved the campaign for her new product range, which was launched earlier this year. As shipment to Germany wasn't available to start off with, I decided to order it to the AirBnb I stayed in when I visited Paris. Of course I managed to miss the delivery by a day and left my AirBnB host (who was luckily very relaxed about it) some money to send it to my home address.

The product I was most intrigued about was the Yeux paint liquid eye shadow in the colour Caramel Chaud, because I love the looks Violette created with it on the Instagram Lives. I also really like the lip products, but with all this mask business still going on it doesn't feel wise to invest in expensive lipsticks.

I took it to Portugal (even though I don't wear any Make Up when there) to see, if I can use it for some of my photography experiments and found the perfect spot for it a the deserted campsite near Monte Clérigo.

Apart from that occasion I didn't actually start wearing it for real until I got back home. The colour is perfect for the autumn weather and I really love the matte texture.

When playing with it I also tried to turn it into a "wet eye" by simply adding some lip balm on top and I really love how that turned out in the images.

As it is so pigmented it can feel a bit too heavy for daytime, so I actually started to just use the leftover product in the brush to have a hint of it on my eyelids whilst working from home. Definitely something I will keep playing with.

I am also still keeping my eye on the other products like Boum-Boum Milk , Avec Amour, or Frange Puff. I am such a fan of clever packaging and branding and think she has really nailed it in this product range. Definitely one to watch.

Going through the shots I also realised that I have not really played around with photography or videography since that day. Obviously the September sun in Portugal is a lot more inspiring than the dull and grey weather in Germany and it is hard to find motivation for it here at the moment. Even though it is actually the one time that I am fully switched off and in the moment (apart from those lucky moments on the yoga mat when you actually don't think of anything than how your breath flows).

Part of me wants to try really hard to get back into that creative vibe and part of me just wants to let it rest and come back by itself. Not sure, which path I am gonna take.

In the meantime you'll just find me dolling up with pretty Make Up to go nowhere and take it all off with expensive skincare in the evenings...



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