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Hey there!

I am Mella.


Welcome to my corner in the digital world!

I specialise in crafting tailored content for social media platforms and blogs. My passion lies in the art of storytelling through both words and imagery, with a particular focus on helping Sustainable Brands and Start Ups to establish a distinct online presence.

I firmly believe that genuine narratives and meaningful connections with your audience are paramount. After all, an authentic story resonates deeply and fosters a sense of identification with a brand.

My professional journey has been diverse, encompassing roles in marketing, PR, advertising, internal communications, and software. This multifaceted background affords me a unique perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of communication strategies.

In my private life I find fulfillment in photography, videography, yoga, and barre. Additionally, my profound affection for the Portuguese country and culture serves as a constant source of inspiration.

So, what's your story?

Conscious Content for Social Media & Blogs

Content Strategy
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Social Media


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What people say about me ...

Melanie is innovative with a hands-on approach and an inspiring and overall great person to work with!

Former Client, SaaS

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