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When Elfie moved in I knew I she wouldn't be a couch potato. The Bengal breed in cats is known for being very active, but also for being very receptive to training.

I started researching online and quickly came across Outdoor Bengal.

Albert and Mia teach the basic tricks in very easy steps and made me understand just how much is possible. I thought Elfie to sit, high five and most importantly to listen to "no".

Once I saw how receptive Elfie was I gained confidence in training her to walk on a leash. I started with a very commercial version of a harness and leash from the local pet store, just to see if and how she would accept it. Before we started our trip to Portugal, I ordered the specially designed harness from Outdoor Bengal with the matching leash. It made such a difference as Elfie was a lot less restricted with this one and I could not go back to any other one now.

I have joined the Affiliate programme of Outdoor Bengal, so you can directly order via my recommendation here:

Little snippets of our excursions can be found on TikTok .

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