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Melanie has been a supporter of our brand from the moment we launched through commenting, creating organic content and generally supporting us in all that we do.


We are so grateful to her and she embodies our vision of relaxation in a realistic way. I’ve loved working with Melanie and look forward to continuing our relationship. 

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"Bask Australia choose to partner with The Mella Edit to add interesting honest content for our customers.

To create an inspirational lifestyle blog and newsletter that inspires confidence in the bask brand.

We have trusted Melanie's years of marketing experience to guide us to setup the social marketing in launching the bask brand.

Melanie has engaged a journalist approach in choosing interesting people that align with the bask brand to create great content.

We value the real and honest approach she takes and in turn this gains customer trust to engage with the bask brand.

We have trusted Melanie from the start, she has the marketing covered so this frees up our time to grow the business."

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Due to structural changes at Kammergold, our social media channels could not be operated as efficiently as we would have liked in 2023. Towards the end of the year, we sat down with Mel to develop a Christmas and Veganuary campaign based on organic content and adverts. Thanks to Mel's creativity and experience in marketing and advertising, we were able to significantly increase the reach of our posts and re-establish a consistent presence on our channels.

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